No Vacancies: film poster art revealed

Poster art for Indie film "No Vacancies" starring Joseph Millson and Sarah-Jane Potts has been shared by Spinning Head Films. New stills from the film have been uploaded to the Spinning Head Films website

James has a good job, a good home, a good wife, but it isn’t enough. Ali is single, single-minded, singularly focused on James. They meet in the same room, in the same hotel. Mariella watches them – unknown, unseen, unheard. She’s the hotel cleaner who deals with the debris, the aftermath of their passion. She dreams of a similar life. This has been the pattern for some time, but Ali wants more. James can’t give it. He wants to keep it as it is. It starts to play with Ali’s head. She schemes and dreams and fantasises. Things start to unravel, but Mariella is use to cleaning up mess. She is thorough; methodical, meticulous.